Teaching Effectiveness


  • My teaching evaluation score is 6.1 out of 7.0 (summer2015) 
  • Undergraduate Courses Taught
    • Mechatronics
    • Controls
    • Measurements
    • Statistics
    • Engineering Design

Mechatronics (06-92-412)

Undergraduate course instruction at University of Windsor. Review of electromechanical components. Practical application of micro-controllers in electromechanical systems. Use of infra-red sensors, photo-resistors, operational amplifiers, timers,servomotors, and analog-digital converters in mechatronics systems. A hands-on, laboratory-based course.

In this course students pursue a project  putting-together and programming an autonomous Boe-Bot robot to successfully navigate and solvea maze containing target star-end locations, sharp turns, boundaries, sudden obstacles (e.g. object, pedestrian) guided by different mechatronic sensors. Below are two example videos of student competition.  

Control Theory- I (06-92-321)

Undergraduate course instruction at University of Windsor. Control system concepts, linear modelling and analysis of response and stability of physical systems, complex variables and Laplace transforms, frequency and transient response analysis and performance specifications.

Engineering Measurements (06-92-324)

Undergraduate course instruction at University of Windsor. Basic concepts in instrumentation; error analysis; instrumentation and measurement systems including sensors, transducer, signal conditioning and display;microcomputer-based data acquisition and analysis.

Treatment of Experimental Data (06-85-222)

Undergraduate course instruction at University of Windsor. Treatment of engineering data using the concepts of frequency distribution;measures of central tendency and dispersion.Probability; random variables; discrete and continuous distributions. Tests of hypotheses; estimation; goodness-of-fit test; linear regression and correlation.Applications using computers in engineering design problems, quality control and manufacturing processes.

Engineering Design (06-85-133)

Introductory engineering design course. Visualization techniques, graphical communication using sketching, isometric drawings, orthographic projection, section views, auxiliary views and descriptive geometry. Drafting portfolio. Design portfolio consisting of open-ended problems: problem identification and formulation; analysis of the problem; problem solving techniques; graphical communication of the solution. Includes group work to develop personal, teamwork, leadership, and task completion skills.